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Client focused and flexible, Our Relationship begins with a complimentary discussion where we identify your goals and concerns.  We will also review Compass Financial Advisors approach to comprehensive planning and investment management.  At this time we will determine what a solid financial plan can do for you, and we would then enter into a financial planning agreement.

Our Process begins with significant data gathering in order to accurately determine your current financial situation.  At this time we also solidify objectives and goals for the future.  We will work to put together a road map that will answer questions like these:
  •  When can I retire?
  •  What standard of living can we maintain?
  •  How can we pay for college?
  •  How will my family be taken care of if the worst happens?
  •  What happens if I become disabled?        

Our Plan that considers all aspects of your unique situation is completed and presented to you along with recommended steps to implement your financial plan.  This step may include things like assistance with setting a spending and savings budget, allocating investment choices and discussing insurance products with an insurance broker.

Our Promise is to always maintain our relationship in a fiduciary capacity, carrying out our duties in good faith, with trust and loyalty to the client.
As an independent fee-only firm, we are compensated solely through direct fees paid by our clients for the service we provide.  We do not sell any insurance or investment products.
This allows us to recommend what is best for the client, without the inherent conflicts of interest that can come with commissions or referral fees.
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